Texas Roadhouse Memorial Day – Texas Roadhouse, a popular American chain restaurant known for its steaks, ribs, and lively atmosphere, often marks Memorial Day with special promotions and events. Memorial Day, a federal holiday in the United States, honors military personnel who have died in service to the country, and many businesses, including Texas Roadhouse, take the opportunity to show appreciation for veterans and active-duty military members.

Texas Roadhouse Memorial Day

Texas Roadhouse Memorial Day

  1. Special Discounts and Offers:
    • Military Discounts: Texas Roadhouse usually offers special discounts to veterans and active-duty military personnel. This might include a percentage off the bill or a free meal with the purchase of another meal.
    • Coupons and Deals: They may distribute coupons for future visits, encouraging guests to return for another meal.
  2. Special Menu Items:
    • Holiday Specials: Some locations might feature special menu items or combos specifically curated for the Memorial Day weekend. This could include limited-time appetizers, entrees, or desserts.
  3. Community and Charity Events:
    • Fundraisers: Texas Roadhouse often partners with local and national organizations to raise funds for veterans’ charities. This might involve a portion of the proceeds from sales on Memorial Day being donated to these causes.
    • Community Events: Certain locations may host events such as live music, cookouts, or family-friendly activities to bring the community together in honor of the holiday.
  4. Decorations and Atmosphere:
    • Patriotic Decor: Restaurants are often decorated with patriotic themes, including American flags, red, white, and blue decor, and military memorabilia.
    • Themed Music and Entertainment: Some locations might feature live country or rock music, trivia contests, or other forms of entertainment that align with the celebratory and respectful tone of Memorial Day.
  5. Support for Veterans:
    • Tributes: Texas Roadhouse might organize special tributes or moments of silence to honor fallen soldiers, showing respect and gratitude for their sacrifice.

The Texas Roadhouse uses Memorial Day as an opportunity to connect with the community, show appreciation for military personnel, and create a festive, respectful atmosphere for families and friends to gather and remember those who have served the country.

Texas Roadhouse Memorial Day Hours

The Texas Roadhouse restaurants in the USA typically maintain regular hours on Memorial Day. Most locations are open from 4 PM to 10 PM on weekdays and Sundays, and from 11 AM to 11 PM on Saturdays. However, some locations may open earlier on Fridays as well​.

  • Standard Hours: Based on publicly available information, Texas Roadhouse typically operates on Sundays from 11 AM to 9 PM. Since Memorial Day falls on a Monday, their regular weekday hours of 3 PM to 9 PM might apply.
  • Holiday Adjustments: There’s a good chance they’ll extend their hours on Memorial Day to accommodate the increased holiday crowd. This could mean opening earlier (around 11 AM) and staying open later (possibly 10 PM).

Texas Roadhouse Memorial Day Specials 2024

Texas Roadhouse typically offers special promotions for Memorial Day, although the specific deals can vary by location. For Memorial Day 2024, Texas Roadhouse might feature some of its regular specials and offer additional discounts or special menu items to honor the holiday.

  1. Early Dine Specials: Many locations offer an Early Dine menu, which includes a variety of entrees like a 6 oz. USDA Choice Sirloin Steak, Grilled BBQ Chicken, and more for around $10.99. This special is usually available Monday through Thursday until 6 PM​.
  2. Family Packs: Texas Roadhouse offers Family Takeout Packs that serve 3 to 4 people, including options like Pork Chops, Chicken Critters, Beef Tips, and Ribs. These packs range from approximately $30 to $65, providing a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy a family meal at home.
  3. Military Discount: While not exclusive to Memorial Day, Texas Roadhouse has a longstanding tradition of supporting military personnel. This includes a Veterans Day promotion where veterans and active-duty military members can receive a free meal voucher. Although primarily for Veterans Day, it’s worth checking with local Texas Roadhouse locations for any Memorial Day military appreciation offers.
  4. Wild West Wednesdays: Although not specific to Memorial Day, Texas Roadhouse offers an 8 oz. Sirloin for $10.99 with two sides every Wednesday. This deal might still be available around the holiday and provide a great value meal option​.

Texas Roadhouse Memorial Day Discount

On Memorial Day, Texas Roadhouse often extends its gratitude to military personnel with special discounts and offers. Although specific promotions can vary by location, a 10% discount for active-duty service members and veterans is a common offering. This discount can be availed by presenting a valid military ID or proof of service at the time of purchase.

Additionally, Texas Roadhouse is known for its generous Veterans Day promotions, which sometimes include distributing meal vouchers. These vouchers can be redeemed for a free meal from a special menu at any time until a specified date, typically covering a wide range of meal options​.

Q: Is Texas Roadhouse open on Memorial Day?

A: Yes, Texas Roadhouse is most likely open on Memorial Day, which typically falls on the last Monday of May.

  • General Trend: Past data suggests Texas Roadhouse keeps its doors open during Memorial Day alongside other holidays like Presidents Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day.
  • Potential Variations: While they are generally open, individual restaurant locations might have modified hours on Memorial Day compared to their usual schedule.